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Hwanhee steals Brian’s girl, who seems to have lost her memory, forgetting who she was actually in love with.Let us all bathe in the beauty of Im Joo Eun and Hwanhee as they stroll down the street.His voice generally lies very low in range, both when he speaks and sings, but Hwanhee has developed his voice as such that he almost sings like a thicker type of tenor voice, although his true voice fach is that of a heavy weighted lyric baritone, judging by his passaggi and the tessitura where his voice shines the most in range.The lowest part of his range is one that possesses a natural thick low sound, which as a baritone would allow him to explore the mid to low second octave with resonance and fulness.If you thought that punch was brutal, how about this punch AND flip?

Hwanhee is also known as one of the top male vocalists of the Korean Music Industry with his unique and powerful voice.

His title track from the album was "심장을 놓쳐서" ("Because I Missed Your Heart").

He successfully hold a solo concert in Japan on 23 December 2009, captivating some 2,000 fans at the Japan's JCB Hall with his music.

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