Updating blackberry weather app Adullt talk show

Turning this option off will prevent it from fetching any data when the application is not running.

By default NWSClient displays temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit.

If it does, it will determine the nearest weather station and contact the National Weather service’s XML data service to download the current conditions.

The forecast information is downloaded for the actual coordinates of your location.

NWSClient remembers the ten most recent locations entered.

Clicking on the dropdown list to the right of “Recent Locations” in the options screen will display the list of locations and allow the speedy switching between frequently-accessed locations.

Get weather advisories and animated radar maps anywhere in the U. Keep up to 10 locations at the same time and switch between them with a flick of the trackpad or a swipe on your touchscreen!

Please download the correct version for your device.

I will try to address compatibility issues and make NWSClient work on as many devices as possible.

For locations in the US enter the location in the form ‘City, State’, i.e.

“San Francisco, CA.” NWSClient also accepts zip codes and airport codes, i.e.

NWSClient uses the National Weather Service’s XML Data Feeds of current conditions and the National Digital Forecast Data SOAP Web Service for forecast information.

NWSClient uses the Google Maps API to translate entered locations into latitude and longitude coordinates.


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