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“Significant differences were found between the MS and the control group in their negative emotions and symptoms such as depression, anxiety, obsession, phobia, tense interpersonal relationship and somatization disorder,” the study concluded.

“The psychosocial factors are closely associated with MS onset and may play important roles in the development of the disease.” A large-scale study recently tracked the influence of stress on the lives of 872 adults and found that how people handle the stress plays a role in how long they live in general.

The study found people who maintained a positive attitude even in the face of stressful situations showed fewer signs of chronic inflammation.

“Positive emotions, and how they can help people in the event of stress, have really been overlooked,” Nancy Sin, a postdoctoral fellow at Pennsylvania State University, said to the .

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“I don’t learn.” That’s not to say that people who suffer from MS or other diseases should blame themselves for their misfortune, for not being able to tap into their emotions and understand and prioritize their own needs. “A search for scientific understanding is incompatible with moralizing and judgment,” he wrote.

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In one example, Maté tells the story of a MS patient he called Natalie.

“The effectiveness of mind-body therapies may lie in their ability to facilitate stress reduction, relaxation, and improvement of mood,” another meditation study noted, “which in turn may affect the degree to which psychosocial factors can negatively affect quality of life.” Whatever method we find to stay healthy, an honest relationship with ourselves and our stresses seems to be key.

“If we gain the ability to look into ourselves with honesty, compassion and with unclouded vision, we can identify the ways we need to take care of ourselves,” Maté wrote.

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