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Poll books record the names of voters and the direction of their vote. Of this stone there are several sorts; but, besides stones of use, Cornwall affords many of ornaments; such are some of the marbles, pebbles, flints, serpentine or porphyry, talc, stalactites, and the asbestos and small gems.

Until 1872 only landholders could vote, so not everyone will be listed. The curious investigator of fossils will discover a great variety of these, many of them beautiful in colour; and some clear and transparent, which have obtained the name of Cornish diamonds. Iron, lead, and even gold and silver are mentioned among its metallic productions. Borlase observes, can employ and subsist “a people without mining; but mining can do neither without husbandry.” The Doctor wrote his observations about fifty years ago; agriculture has since been more attended to.

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Provides a reference to order copies of marriage certificates from the national registrar of births, marriages and deaths – the General Register Office. Austell, April 5, May 31, July 26, October 19 & November 30, for cattle; market day, Fri. It may be about two miles long, and one mile broad, formed by a bar of sand, pebbles, and shingle, forced up by the sea against this creek by the south-west winds.This vital collection details almost 1.2 million properties eligible for land tax. It is a schistos, and varies in texture and colour, some being hard, others more friable and laminated; the colours are blueish, yellow, and a ferrugineous brown; and the whole form excellent materials for building. Germans, and Padstow, have slate quarries, but of an inferior quality.Records include the name of the landowner, occupier, amount assessed and sometimes the name and/or description of the property. There are quarries of slate on the north and south coasts of the country; that called Dennybole, near Tintagel, is supposed to afford the finest in England. In some parts there are strata of freestone, in quality approaching to Portland stone, of great value for building, as is another stone of a coarser texture, the moor-stone or granite.Contains details on local schools, churches, government and other institutions. This is commonly called soap rock; it is soft, and of various colours; the purest white is most coveted for porcelain; and from the parish of St.Also contains a list of residents and businesses for each place. in May, for cattle, sheep & horses; market day, Sat. Stephen’s Brannel, large quantities of a white clay are shipped annually for the porcelain and earthen-ware manufactories.It is a useful starting point for locating relevant estate records and establishing the succession of tenancies and freehold. Another stone very general throughout Cornwall is distinguished by the name of killas, though Dr.


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