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BTW: Love your videos @selena22Im a Top Amateur here on Porn Hub ... I don't see how it's related to this blog post day, on a whim, i decided to go all PREMIUM much to my surprise, there was actually NO gay material whatsoever.

As for Select, there simply isn't enough gay HD videos yet, once we have enough we'll add the gay category.

I love showing off my pussy, and my husband is on here too! Who doesn't like some fun money for doing what you already do?

Is the age to apply based on legal consent age or when you're qualified as an "adult"?

We uploaded many videos and Pornhub featured vids as they said they would. We have not uploaded anymore recently as pornhub is not featuring Vids as they said they would. i want to make some money and get you off hard See you online real soon -michael rocket Hi All, I have a question for you...

We have many videos with over 100,000 views that still have not been featured ?? we were told to upload vids and they get featured and then we can earn..have done our part Why is porn hub not. I love making hot vids for customers and posting them on here for free later! Where else can you make your own Porn and get Wet knowing everyone is watching every inch of your body getting and The Money Is Good Too!! Do anybody have a clue if I upload one or two good videos which have moderate views am I able to earn anything? I dont want to get rich from this, only a little complement like 100$ per two month to be proud of ourselfes :-) Thanks for your answer PS.: We have sexy masked full lenght hard blowjob video about 10-15 minsjust waiting on verification and im in ive had this profile for a while but am just now doing the verify part and so on got some pics and vids i hope you guys will love if you wanna know anything just send me a message i love this program ive been featured plenty of times and still getting featured plus im proud to say that im getting paid too..i just wish i could get amateur of the month or year but hey i will put in more work As I'll say again! Not since the 90's has amateur porn had a true outlet.

how long does it take to show earnings from videos uploaded before the current month(older videos)? Or is all of the ad revenue counted at the end of the month for older videos to make sure it's all accounted for Okay so how much ad revenue do I need to generate during certain pay periods (assuming I'm featured) do earn the possible ,000 in one month?

I'm sure it varies but please give me a reasonable example.

i just want to say its fun to be a part of this amateur program , fun to read all nice comments people writing to us, and follow your videos how the grow in views over time.In the US the legal adulthood age is 18, but consent age is 16 is some states.I'm assuming it would be when you're a legal adult, right?What's up girls thank you for all the views and couple likes I appreciate it it's my first week at this so please comment and let me know how I'm doing so far and give me ideas suggestions about what u want to see thank again Please add me ladies, I'm not picky and just want to build my friends list.So I don't bother anyone asking for kik, snapchat or whatapp or whatever else people use I'm also in the Amateur Program... All you need to do is sign up for a FREE Pornhub account and get verified by the Pornhub Admins. then there's the fact tht in a submission for the contest there had to be at least 1 woman in the vid. Even if your videos aren't featured, they will make money slowly and you can watch what you're making from the Amateur tab in your settings. You could forget about your profile and still be paid in time!


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