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At the beginning of March 2012, Iran began implementing an internal Intranet.This effort is partially in response to Western actions to exploit its Internet connectivity such as the Stuxnet cyberattack which have fueled suspicions of foreign technologies.Iranian government uses speed throttling as a means of frustrating users and limiting communication.Significant speed drop of internet communications in the days following the 2009 Iranian presidential election, weeks leading to 2013 election, and during times of international political upheaval, including during the Arab Spring are examples of such behavior.In 2003, the United States began providing a free proxy server to Iranian citizens through its IBB service Voice of America with Internet privacy company Anonymizer, Inc.The proxy website changes whenever the Iranian government blocks it.

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The banning of "ass", for example, blocks access to the website of the United States Embassy.

Their task will be to define policy and co-ordinate decisions regarding the Internet.

This is thought to be the country’s authorities strongest attempt at controlling the Internet so far.

The government's response has included requiring the use of Iranian email systems, blocking popular webmail services, inhibiting encryption use by disabling VPNs and HTTPS, and banning externally developed security software.

Internet censorship increased with the administration of conservative president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2005.


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