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All Palestinians now commemorate it as a national day.

5 percent of the West Bank—is known as the “seam zone” and has been a closed military area since 2003, functionally detaching it from the West Bank and annexing it to Israel.

Their attachment to the land was religious rather than national, and they were not involved in—or supportive of—the Zionist movement that began in Europe and was brought to Palestine by immigrants.

Palestinian nationalism was criminalized as a threat to Israeli security, which meant that even displaying the Palestinian national colors was a punishable act.

Because that revenue makes up over half the PA’s budget, these measures further weakened the already embattled Palestinian economy.

Until 1967, they were entirely isolated from the Arab world and often were regarded by other Arabs as traitors for living in Israel.

In any case, the United States would have vetoed the petition, preventing it from being passed on to the General Assembly for a vote.

Just as important was the proposal for “a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem.

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If one of you goes into a long rant about the other s personality traits, defensiveness and anger will probably pop up.

The following day, Palestinians threw rocks at Jews praying at the Western Wall.

Yasser Arafat was PLO chairman from 1968 until his death in 2004.


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