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If you are ready to connect with yourself and make some new friends in the process attend Photo Divine.” ~ Mc Carson “After struggling with body image and eating and exercise issues my entire adult life, I decided in my 40s that enough was enough.I needed to celebrate all that was beautiful about me – inside and out.

For the first time ever, I felt comfortable in my skin in front of a camera.Your presence is so calming and you have such a great ability and talent to make me relax during the shoot.You are full of compliments and you have a great eye to capture everything around us. Unfortunately, my family and my girls don’t see me dance very often, and don’t see that important part of me.My session with Kyla was a defining moment in my life.The mind-body integration helps me lead a happier, fuller life.” ~ Mandy “Being photographed by Photo Divine was an experience I will always treasure.I feel very happy I met you and was able to spend a weekend with you.” ~ Katri “I took ballet classes throughout my life. Also, even though I truly believe that dancers never age, my body does and I wanted my family to see me strong and beautiful.


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