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We Are All Vampire Diaries Love Experts But Who s Dating Who in Clevver Man Rose has turned into quite the Damon Elena shipper I bet it s really boring in ghost vampire heaven Do you think she writes bad fan fiction about .

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The Vampire Diaries Saga images Stefan Elena HD wallpaper and The Vampire Diaries Games Think you know all about Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore .

Could Elena s Parents Really Return in The Vampire Diaries And Delena scenes are just I run the risk of getting severely flamed here MEH They re cute in real life Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder used to date .

Unfortunately, Betty's pet project would turn into a fiasco; first by confessions from Liz Smith and two of Claire's friends, followed by Amanda's not-so-happy congrats to Claire.

For Daniel, he hoped that doing something for Molly that Connor didn't do for her would work in his favor.This revelation not only upsets Betty and Hilda, but also causes Elena to end this romance, resulting in a devastated Ignacio to blame his daughters for not allowing him to do something he has not done since Rosa died - to start dating again.When Betty asked Claire about what she told Ignacio, she explained that to Betty that she should let her father date again.Betty is stunned over what Claire did, but after she talked to Daniel about the incident, Daniel told Betty that in a few days Claire will turn 60 and somehow feels like the family has left her alone.This prompts Betty come up with a way to surprise Claire, and after seeing past home videos of an Angela Bower-like Claire celebrating the family while drinking at Christmas, Betty gets the idea taping a video tribute for Claire's 60th birthday by putting together a collection of clips from people who know her in a revealing way.Or so they thought; at work Betty convinced Claire to talk to Ignacio and they do, but later that evening at the Suarez home during dinner, Hilda asked Betty to get Ignacio and Elena to come downstairs to eat when Betty looked at the front door window and sees Ignacio and Elena kissing!


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