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"Just because they're hanging out now doesn't mean they'll be best friends forever," he says. THE UNHYGIENIC KID How you'd describe them: Remember Pig-Pen, Charlie Brown's filthy friend?

How your child would describe them: " mom never makes him take a bath." How you should handle this situation: "These are often the cases where I think it's helpful for parents to supervise and monitor, but maybe not intervene," says Goldfine.

"In this case, I'd advise following your child's lead," says Goldfine.

If she seems to enjoy the other kid's company (however shadowlike it may seem to you), then let them be.

"It's not contagious, and there's absolutely no harm to your child in hanging out with another kid who has one of these psychological diagnoses," says Goldfine.

Worried about how they'll grow into those teen years together?

Granted, he practices in Manhattan, where every third person on the subway is either a therapist or on their way to an appointment with one.

But this unhelpful habit extends far beyond the city limits.

By Corrie Pikul | Your child is hilarious, interesting, clever -- frankly, he's all-around delightful. well, we're all adults here, so let's just come out with it: Some of them are weird.

You don't get them, and you suspect that the other grade school students don't either. THE (POTENTIALLY) BAD INFLUENCE How you'd describe them: They act out, make the kinds of poor choices that you're always cautioning your children about, and are often reprimanded by the teacher. " How you should handle this situation: Goldfine says this is the type of friendship that tends to worry parents the most—with good reason.


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