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[Note: your break-up with this girl should be at her request. Also, your “ex” is less likely to talk a lot of trash about you because she will feel as if she has the upper hand.] Maintain control, and don’t allow yourself to be surprised by any outcome.We will address this more in future articles.4) COLLEGE, It gets a lot easier here. If you’re a college student, you know that most classes require teamwork at some point in the semester, which provides you with another opportunity to work her over on a much more personal level.5) WORK: This is an easy score, but a deadly one.These girls aren’t always as sweet and pure as they appear. Game playing here is virtually nil, and you can usually skip “the approach” and move right into how to play the one-on-one. Your school will require you to play a strict game, and you are already familiar with some of the rules.Conversation is easier here, so you can identify their hopes and dreams and get them close to you relatively easy. Girls don’t mess around a lot because they will be labeled sluts.Needless to say, your physique can assist you here if you have a good build. For example, you can approach a girl while she is shopping for clothes.If not, read personal upgrades and physical fitness tips.7) MALLS: They’re not bad spots. Then, pick an outfit you think she would look great in. It should be, roughly, a size smaller than you would guess she wears). ” OK, it’s more of a line, but it’s funny and you don’t come across as some sleaze bag (If she doesn’t laugh, move on).If you do get a girl on the dance floor and want to get more intimate, ask her if she wants to get a drink at the bar.

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Neediness, or needing/wanting approval and "OKs" from women is a genuine problem that...Use the tactics you have learned in the approach and in icebreakers. Once you hook up with the slut, you drag her trashy label around with you.They will help close the deal.3) HIGH SCHOOL (not for you old guys! In order to work your school, your reputation must be at least decent, and you will have to get into a semi-serious relationship before you canmove on.If you don’t dance or hate looking like an ass, stay away from the dance scene.For a lot of guys, working up the nerve to dance is hard.Then slide up to her and state, “This would look amazing on you! If nothing else, your comments will break into some light conversation and a possible a hook up at a later date.


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