Dating a firefighters daughter

We’ve raised them to seek their identity in the things that matter and not in the superficial, so they are somewhat intimidating to young men. But sooner or later a boy of equal substance was going to show up, and now he has. They both have busy schedules, but if they aren’t learning or working, they are in our home.

Fong stressed the Forest Service took the allegations seriously.Santana is in federal custody, and is scheduled to be arraigned on Nov. “We will defend against these charges vigorously,” Santana’s attorney, Stephen Wallin, told The Washington Post on Sunday. Last year, Santana led nine students on the school’s first study abroad trip to Cuba. “why not be like the granite mountain hotshots and go die in the fire, like the other dumba– losers there,” in reference to the 19 members of a firefighter crew killed in 2013. In addition, someone posted his phone number to the Las Vegas Craigslist’s casual encounters section with a picture of a woman; N. told his supervisor he did not know what the messenger was talking about. learned “Ann” was the same person harassing his co-worker, N. “It’s really cool going into a building from the 1800s and it’s a restaurant or a hotel now,” Santana told the Arizona Daily Sun last year. L., a member of the Flagstaff crew, admitted to recently ending a sexual relationship with Santana. Santana used the name”Ann” and stated she was “looking for friends for daytime fun.” They began exchanging messages and meeting up. L., however, “became increasingly uncomfortable with the relationship and ended it in June, 2016,” the affidavit said. was matched with another “Ann” on Twitter who was later determined to be Santana. L.’s phone was bombarded with 20 to 30 text messages and three to four calls from random “men looking to meet up for sex.” N. also continued to field angry messages from Santana, the affidavit said. M., also told Fong he was matched with a woman named “Amanda” via Tinder in September 2016, who made a big scene while he was eating with his crew at a restaurant. “He won’t return my phone calls, I’m pregnant, it’s his,” the bogus message read. Fong traced the number back to Santana, according to court documents. T., was also match with an “Ann” in Flagstaff in August 2016. When Fong did not hear a reply within three days, the investigator followed up with another email. And there was no “Cathy Mc Carthy,” Fong soon established.This time, however, the message bounced back as undeliverable. The allegations of the firefighters having sex with a 15-year-old in Wyoming were also phony, Fong determined.I escaped it for 17 years of parenthood, but the odds were always stacked against me.


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