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Individual databases can have different parallelism needs.You can set these settings globally, and set at the individual database level.Best practice: Use the Windows Server Advanced Firewall, and specify the IP addresses of your client computers.The Windows Advanced Firewall is an important security component in Windows Server.However, if the antivirus software is not configured correctly, it can negatively impact your database performance.Microsoft provides advice about how to choose antivirus software.When you set up your SQL Server environment to be able to connect to the database from other client machines, configure the firewall to allow incoming traffic: Windows firewall rule.

Best practice: Follow the Microsoft guidance for antivirus software.By default the preconfigured image for SQL Server comes with everything installed on the boot persistent disk, which mounts as the drive.Consider attaching a secondary SSD persistent disk and moving the log files and data files to the new disk.A Pure Storage all-flash solution will speed your database and your business; optimize your SQL licensing; fit 40,000 mailboxes in 3U of rack space; eliminate planned disruptions and downtime; reduce the amount of storage you actually need to buy; and save on power, cooling, and space.Taken together, that's a very significant cost savings for your business.To learn how to set up a high-performance SQL Server instance, see the tutorial.


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