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He told me he was Spanish—from the Pyrenees—but he wouldn’t tell me his name.“It was greasy stuff that would certainly kill you, but once a week was okay.

He’s nice-looking, in his early 50s, with shaggy hair and tinted glasses.Later, I found Albera’s verbatim comments to the media: “It’s terrible.It’s been in the family since 1960.” And then, when asked what he planned to do next: “I’d like to go residential, with stores on the bottom.”The numbers cited by Campos and others—45 fires in two years—also weren’t necessarily as suspicious as they seemed.” Then he shrugged and answered his own question: “I guess nobody knows.”When I’d arrived in town, my plan was to solve the mystery once and for all.I wanted to somehow unearth arsonist landlords, persuade them to talk, and unpack with them the thought process that led them to such a catastrophic decision. When I called David Campos, the local politician who’d written the intriguing He meant the Rolling Stock tire-shop fire of November 8, 2015.Medina works at the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), an advocacy group for the Latino and low-income populations.


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