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It’s a way to break up with someone without having to tell them to their face, and it’s savage AF. Having this ghost of relationships past still lurking around in the ether causes you to be paranoid and anxious like that little kid in who just wanted to stop seeing dead people. Love Bombing: Love bombing is when someone lavishes you with attention, future promises, and grand gestures quickly and early in your relationship, to the point where you are immediately smitten with them.But as soon as you show any sign of not making a priority, they can turn on you.As if dating wasn’t hard enough, now there are a million apps and a whole new vocabulary to memorize.The concepts of baes and benching aren’t new to love and relationships, but because of social media (and texting, and swiping, and emoji), now they’re camouflaged by strangely innocuous words that make dating culture even harder to navigate.

Even though you’re seeing someone, you’re also stringing along some backup boos (possibly the benchwarmers in #2) that can cushion your fall if your current relationship doesn’t work out. It’s like if someone loses a chess game and then goes around telling everyone they got second place.Just like sports drafts, there are a lot of players involved, and it’s usually very confusing. DTR: DTR, or Define the Relationship, is the conversation you have to address the elephant in the room during the early gray stage of a relationship — are you two… And NSA is when two people (friends or not) decide to get involved physically but without committing to anything more, like a relationship or those pesky things called feelings.were also similarly themed movies that released the same year and starred Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake as one couple and Mr.You couldn’t get them out of your head until you did.Then you promptly forgot about and never saw them again, and it was totally okay.Every now and then, they’ll pop up on social media as one of those “people you may know,” and you fondly wonder what they’re up to but not enough to friend request them. Penguining*: Despite what told you, lobsters do not mate for life (females take turns with the dominant male — what players).


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